​​​So How Does the
Trifecta Light Compare

More Power ◆ More Reliable

Trifecta Light is FDA registered.  (See below.)

Click here to visit our FDA page:  FDA

Trifecta Light comes with a 3 year warranty including parts & labor.  (Contact us for more comparisons)

he Trifecta Lights are the highest quality, high intensity LED’s available.
Each diode is 50-100% stronger than any other body pad system on the market

And there are more than twice the number of diodes.  (Over 10,000)

It's not an easy task to take an electronic component and wrap it around a human body all day and maintain product integrity.  Trifecta Light has been able to overcome the issue by designing and constructing a proprietary pad system that will withstand constant client use.  Our patent pending design is made for superior performance and reliability.  It does all of this by using superior wiring and a unique "Plug-In" system. 

  • Over 10,000 High Intensity LEDs

  • Highest Quality 

  • Integrated Red and Near-Infrared