Dr. Joseph Mercola

Healing the Body With Photobiomodulation

“The most beneficial wavelengths of light is near-infrared which penetrates deep into the body and has many positive biological effects.”

“Near-infrared is highly effective for regeneration and healing of nearly all structures of the body.”

“Kidney failure is the third leading cause of death. These are old folks who are dying from kidney failure. You can’t really give them transplants because they’re elderly. You put a near-infrared array where their kidneys are and it to works like a dream. But it’s hardly been studied at all.”

“Who would have ever thought that shining a light over various parts of your body could radically improve them.  Including kidneys, thyroid, eyes, brain and more. It’s certainly something that needs to be seriously considered by those with any impairment, as there is virtually
no down side.”

“Another fascinating area of discovery is the use of light to improve brain function such as with Alzheimer’s disease. It’s fascinating stuff. Folks got results so good that nobody could believe them.  These were old folks who could not say a coherent sentence, and in a few weeks suddenly start talking. People who had to be fed suddenly start using a knife and fork.”