What's So Special About Trifecta Light?
“No other device comes close to the effectiveness of the Trifecta Light.”


The more flexible the pads are... the more curves can be treated.  No pad system is more flexible than the Trifecta Light System.


It's not an easy task to take an electronic component and wrap it around a human body all day and maintain product integrity.  Trifecta Light has been able to overcome the issue by designing and constructing a proprietary pad system that will withstand constant client use.  Our patent pending design is made for superior performance and reliability.  It does all of this by using superior wiring and a unique "Plug-In" system.  (See Images)

09-Trifecta Plug In 02.png

Not Lasers... Not Paddles
The Trifecta Light system is made up of over 10,000 powerful "high intensity" LEDs.  The unit includes a face mask, chin pad and  6 large, sturdy and flexible pads all of which can easily cover all priority regions at once.  And the setup takes less than a minute.


Integrated System

The combination of both red light and near-infrared LEDs makes Trifecta Light far superior in it's effectiveness.

Shortest Treatment Time
Because of the large number of powerful LEDs and the large pads that can cover most of the body and face , the Trifecta Light system can accomplish more in a shorter period of time.  Call us for more details.

Safer To Use
The current advancements of the Trifecta Light System creates tissue coverage and penetration of the light that is superior to other LED devices as well as low level lasers, without the risks.  Any trained staff member can administer the treatment.  

Easier to Use with Quicker Results
It’s like wrapping your clients in a blanket with over 10,000 powerful red and near-infrared "high intensity" LEDs. Our new, larger, flexible pads cover more surface area than any other pad system on the market.

Multiport Controller
The controller allows you to use the six body pads, chin pad and face mask all at same time.  This allows you to thoroughly treat up to ten regions including the abdomen, buttocks, thighs, arms, bra fat area, jowls, chin fat region and face in a single session.

Increase Your Income
If you are not currently offering this type of service in your business, you are missing out on a huge opportunity.  You will be astounded by the number of new clients this can draw to your business.  And your current clients will rush to sign up for this service.

  • Over 10,000 High Intensity LEDs

  • Highest Quality 

  • Integrated Red and Near-Infrared